creativeness's Journal

Hello everyone! Welcome to my graphic journal! Screw this, let's get into the good stuff. :D

1. ♥ Comment when you take a graphic and tell me what you took. Each graphic will be numbered, but even if it wasn’t/isn’t, you can just as easily describe the graphic.
2. ♥ Sharing is allowed.
3. ♥ Please keep everything I make on lj. This way I can be sure I get credit and there is no confusion. (I don’t think that needs any explanation.)
4. ♥ DO NOT change or modify my graphics in any way. Do not add your username, any other text, brushes, anything. I want my graphics to stay the way they are. If you break this rule I will warn you ONCE and only once, and if you do not take down the modified graphic, you will be banned. Simple as that.
5. ♥ Always give credit to creativeness. Credit for icons must be in your keywords. Here is the FAQ if you don't know how to do that. Credit for friends only signs and journal headers should be in your userinfo.
6. ♥ Direct linking is a sure way to get you banned. I will not warn people about this.
7. ♥ No requests unless stated otherwise.
8. ♥ You must have icon keywords. This shows me that you know how to change them and you'll give credit. If you don't have keywords I won't add you.

I’ll admit, I do get moody sometimes. It’s all part of being a teenager, and more specific a GIRL! So I might not be the most pleasant at times, just work with me. I honestly try to be nice unless someone rubs me the wrong way, or just doesn’t pay attention. For the most part I’m trying to have self control. I believe in the treat others like they treat you saying (I might have paraphrased a little :x), so show me respect and I’ll do the same.

To be added
This is how it works. You need to have keywords for your icons so I know you can give credit. A default icon would be appreciated too, that way I can easily view your icons. As long as you have that and you're sure you can follow the rules, comment to be added. I'm sure it's not uncommon for graphic journals to have little "passwords" or phrases to comment with when you want to be added. I think that's a good idea, except anyone can just look at the comments and see that other people are doing it and comment without actually reading the rules. So here's what you do.

If your username starts with A-K (including #s and underscores_),
put the word "satisfactory" somewhere in the comment box.

If your username starts with L-Z, put the word "disaster" somewhere in your comment.

Here are some other icon journals/communities to check out!

**Please leave a comment if you would like to be linked. :)

Here’s my button, it would be much appreciated if you put this in your userinfo, but of course you don’t have to. (Please save to your own server if at all possible.)

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment in my journal.