Creativeness!* (creativeness) wrote,


I haven't really felt like updating lately, and I got accepted to be a maker at _blush_icons so I think (if just for now) that I'm going to close creativeness. It's a lot easier when you don't have to maintain your own journal. It's fun for a while but I like blush icons, plus there are other makers there and I feel like I could learn from them and it would just be more fun. Right now I'm not sure if I'm going to close creativeness permanently, or maybe come back later. Or maybe later start another graphic journal entirely. But for now I'm going to update more at blush, so if you want to see my icons (and the icons of the other makers) go join now!


*If you want me to remove you comment here, because I know people get their panties in a bunch about having one extra person on their friends of list. EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN HIDE THEM. -cough- /Edit: Actually I'm going to check to see that everyone is crediting for graphics they've used, then I'm going to remove everyone. So don't go crying now. :)

And sorry to people that recently commented and I didn't get a chance to add.
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